The Frugal Cook

I was in a carpool a short while ago when the topic of groceries arose. The high cost of food was the source of the expressed angst, and so my fellow travelers were nothing short of amazed when I told them that I fed three people and three dogs and contributed significant amounts to our long-term pantry on $300 to $400 per month – without coupons. And…that I only shop once a month, with the exception of milk and dog food. (With two Shih Tzu’s and a monster 100 pound Shepherd/Lab/Wolf mix, there just is not room to store a month’s worth of pet food in my tiny kitchen!)

I don’t do what many experts in the subject tell us is the best way to cut food costs – that is, to make a menu and only shop for those items. Sure, it keeps your costs down, but I find that this causes people to get stuck in a rut, eating the same things week after week, and having little variety in their diet. I much prefer shopping for what is on sale and creating my monthly menu from what is on hand. This provides us with an extremely varied menu, and my family looks forward with anticipation to each meal. (I am not the only person who feels this way – check out the Shoestring Granny!)

Another factor is that I am a vegetarian. I find that it is possible to eat far more cheaply when one is not reliant on the meat portion of the meal as the basis for menu planning. We focus on vegetables and grains, legumes and a little dairy, eggs and fruit. And we eat well. Very well! We’re talking Cheesy Tomato Soup, homemade Cinnamon Buns, Roasted Veggies and Beans with Cranberry Stuffing, 6 course Indian meals, Coconut Curry (the best thing I have ever eaten!), Eggplant Enchiladas that are to die for…. And all for less than a dollar a serving. It can be done!

At a friend’s suggestion, I am going to start posting my recipes on here. Check back often to find the latest!

Someone in your family works hard for the money….Keep more of it for yourself by becoming a Frugal Cook!


4 responses to “The Frugal Cook

  1. Absolutely agree with you! I plan my menu based on what’s for sale. I don’t go shopping with any preconceived notions of what I’ll be cooking except when there is a special request. We love lobster but rarely buy it because it’s a little out of our budget so it tends to be a celebration dinner item. However, last week the grocery store was having a sale on frozen 4 oz lobster tails just 99 cents each! So yeah, we had a nice lobster dinner one night with rice pilaf and salad. It was no special evening, just an ordinary day but gosh it was nice to have lobster even though there was no celebration.

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  2. I posted my recipes for Homemade Butter Chick’n, North African Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup, Coconut Curry, and Sweet Potato Crepes with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce in my Frugal Recipes page today. You can check them out at the top of this page, or here!


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