Bachelor of Physical Education 2013

I finally chose the degree I want to work on this year. I am determined to be healthier and more physically active. My new friend, Alyssa Haws, is a Team Beach Body coach, and she is going to help me achieve this. The encouragement of Kelly Williams, a colleague who lost forty pounds last year, is also a huge inspiration. Her lunchtime Zumba classes and walking program have been the impetus for me starting to exercise again.

So, to complete this Bachelor of Physical Education I am choosing to do the following:

8 goals in a chosen major college:

  • 1. Exercise 10-15 minutes a day four times a week for one month.
  • 2. Attend an aerobics class or exercise class regularly for two months.
  • 3. Buy an exercise book or video for your home.
  • 9. Learn a new sport. This may include buying new sports equipment for your sport.
  • 10. Set a goal to lose weight and do it.
  • 11. Read the Word of Wisdom and make one improvement in your diet that corresponds to its counsel.
  • 13. Attend a professional sporting event.
  • 20. Floss your teeth twice a week for three months.

5 goals in the College of Theology :

  • 3. Read Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Pray to understand its meaning. Read it carefully again and apply its teachings to your life.
  • 4. Read the Book of Mormon every day for one month.
  • 5. Pray twice a day on your knees for one month.
  • 6. Repent of some sin or practice in your life and turn from it.
  • 10. Read a book about the gospel.

3 goals in each college:

College of Applied Arts

  • 5. Completely clean a room in your house – walls, curtains, blinds, etc.
  • 9. Propogate a new plant from one of your own and give it to a friend.
  • 14. Clean your car inside and outside.

College of Business and Economics

  • 6. Prepare your major Sunday meals ahead for four consecutive weeks.
  • 7. Prepare a household budget where you spend less than you make. Live on that budget for two months.
  • 13. Pick up and put away anything out of place before retiring and have each family member do the same for one month.

College of Fine Arts

  • 6. Paint a picture.
  • 9. Take piano lessons or study another musical instrument.
  • 11. Read a book on a period of musical history or about the history of a musical instrument.

College of Home Economics/Cooking

  • 10. Study a cookbook for half an hour and select three new recipes. Use them.
  • 11. Bake all the bread your household uses for two weeks.
  • 20. Plan a weekly menu in advance for four weeks and follow it as near as possible.

College of Home Economics/Sewing

  • 2. Sew something major for yourself or someone else.
  • 12. Make a temple dress.
  • 16. Learn to adjust a pattern.

College of Interior Design

  • 8. Make a picture, plaque, or wall hanging.
  • 12. Make a  bed spread or quilt.
  • 23. Learn to quilt.

College of Language Arts

  • 4. Write in your journal at least once a week for three months.
  • 8. Spend 15 minutes a day reading to yourself, a child, or a friend for one week.
  • 18. Write a personal essay expressing your feeling about a significant event in your life.

College of Social Science

  • 1. Travel to another town and visit a historical site.
  • 2. Go to a museum.
  • 14. Take a foreign language class.

College of Psychology

  • 1. Read an uplifting book by a psychologist.
  • 5. Change something about your appearance that you have wanted to for a while.
  • 11. Read a self-improvement book.

College of Career Development

  • 1. Update and improve your resume.
  • 3. Take a course that will improve your job skills.
  • 4. Read one book about your profession.

In addition, I will have to present my favourite projects at a Relief Society meeting. Perhaps my project will just be me standing in front of the room, weighing a lot less.

What will your degree program be?


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