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A Still Small Voice

Sri Lankan New Year begins in April. According to Sinhalese astrology, the new year begins when the sun moves from Pisces to Aries, and signals the end of the harvest and the beginning of spring. It is also one of two times a year that the sun shines directly over Sri Lanka.

So, on April 18th, the local branch of our church had their New Year’s celebration. Oh, the fun that we had!

One game in particular was a lot of fun. It was basically like having a Mexican pinata…but with clay pots each filled with different things (flour, pebbles, water, etc.) instead of a papier mache animal stuffed with candy and toys.

No one had yet broken a pot. And then it was my turn.

My husband turned to the senior missionary standing beside him about 100 feet away from me, and said, “If anyone can do this, it’s my wife.” He received a skeptical look from the missionary in return. In the meantime, unaware of what was transpiring between the two of them, I was blindfolded, spun in a circle a couple of times, and set in the general direction of where the clay pots were hanging. All around me I could hear dozens of voices chanting and calling in Sinhala, which I don’t speak. I made my way forward in the direction that I thought the pots were in, stick held in both hands, praying that I would not trip.

Suddenly, amidst all the shouted Sinhalese, I heard a tiny high pitched voice say very quietly in perfect English, “Right there, Sister. Hit it right there.” I raised both arms high above my head, took a mighty swing and….crack!!! I broke the first clay pot!

The senior missionary stared wide-eyed at my husband, who shrugged as if to say, “I told you!”

No one has come forward to tell me that they were the one who said those seven words to me.

Sometimes, a still small voice appears when we least expect it, if only we are able to hear it.